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I’m starting a new blog about healthy living. I’m really excited for the new blog, but am not quite sure what it means for this blog. I will definitely try to do both blogs, but if it gets overly time consuming, one will have to go. The new blog has a theme, so it will be more focused. While I have not posted anything yet, I do have a page for it at Starting next week, I will be posting on that blog.


Mini Lab Livers!

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Researchers at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center used human liver cells to create walnut sized human livers. The group presented the abstract,, “The Use of Whole Organ Decellularization for the Bioengineering of a Human Vascularized Liver,” on October 31 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. If successful, these bio-engineered livers could be a solution to the shortage of donor livers, help treat liver disease, help test drug safety and could be the ground work for growing other organs.

Can I get a hell yeah for whole organ bio-engineering?

This research is without a doubt in its infancy, but is still very promising. The livers function like real livers, but only in a lab setting. The next step is to transplant the livers into an animal model.

These 2 articles (here and here) go into detail about the process used to grow the livers. Briefly, the scientists used a mild detergent to remove all the cells of a ferret liver until only the collagen support structure remained, a process termed decellularization. Again, the two articles above explain the full process.

Go Science!



Saturday’s Song: Duffy – Syrup & Honey

Not Loving The Way You Lie

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The first time I heard Love The Way You Lie, I turned it off. It went like that for the 2nd, 3rd and probably 4th time. At first, the song was just annoying. I don’t listen to the radio unless I am in my car and I don’t use my car much.  Anytime I drove somewhere, this song was on . Fine. I’ll listen. And I did listen. I was confused. I felt weird. I didn’t know what or if they were trying to tell me something. 

Here’s what I like about it: The song gives insight into violent and abusive relationships. Awareness. It brings awareness. Kind of. There should be more. At the end of the video there should be a number for a domestic violence hotline. Or a disclaimer: domestic violence is bad! Something. Just something.

I expect this type of song from Eminem, but not from Rihanna. This isn’t because of double standards, but because he has built his career rapping about abuse, murder or harming someone (this still does not make it okay, it’s just a fact).  I know, I know, they were both in abusive relationships. They both have domestic violence street cred. Nonetheless, I expect more from Rihanna because of statements she’s made about her situation with Chris Brown. Quoting her interview with Diane Sawyer:

“When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part. I couldn’t be responsible … If Chris never hit me again, who’s to say that their boyfriend won’t … kill these girls? These are young girls. I just didn’t realize how much of an impact I had on these girls until that happened. It was a wake-up call for me, big time, especially when I took myself out of the situation,” Rihanna says emotionally. A  synopsis of the interview is here.

I understand she’s in the music business to make money, BUT, given her statements on her specific situation, and the concern she expressed for her female fans, I thought there could have been a positive spin somewhere. I’m not implying that she is forever obligated to be the poster child for anti-domestic violence. However, with the rawness of this song/video, I think there was a missed opportunity. A public service announcement at the end of the video: “Call this number if you or someone you know needs help” would have sufficed for me.

What do you think?

Power Songs: The OOMPH! For Any Workout!

Popeye has spinach, Goku has senzu beans, Kanye West has his ego, and I have power songs! What are they, you ask? Power songs are songs that give the extra oomph! you need to get through your workout.

Fact: Music makes you want to move. Fact: Music makes working out more fun. Fact: Music will distract you from your heavy breathing or any other sign that lets you know you’re heart rate is 160 and your lungs are on fire.

The facts just mentioned may or may not be opinions.

Below, are five power songs and how I like to use them. Enjoy!

Twerk – Basement Jaxx

I like this song more for running or cycling than weightlifting. It’s fun, upbeat and gets the job done.

Cascada – Evacuate the Dance Floor

Love, love, love this song! It’s perfect for everything: cleaning, running, baking, bench pressing. Although this song is one of my favorite workout songs, I do not support evacuating any dance floor. Everyone should dance!

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

It doesn’t get more bubblegum pop than this, but the tempo in the song is perfect! This song is great for circuit training!

Disturbed – The Night

This song rocks! Really, it does. I love this song for explosive exercises or circuit training workouts!

Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart
If you’ve never heard of Sleigh Bells, consider yourself unlucky! This song is perfect for less intense exercises. I like it when I’m cycling at a low pace, warming up, stretching or as a song between sets. It’s also great for  one person spontaneous dance parties. I like the siren noise in the beginning because it resembles a fast pulse. When the bass drops, I can’t help but to dance!

Power songs aren’t just for working out. I have power songs for when I’m doing laundry, baking, relaxing, procrastinating, etc.

What are your power songs?