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Same-Sex Marriage: Hello Gay Gangs

I have tried to wrap my mind around the anti-gay marriage/civil union arguments, but haven’t been able to see any true logic or reasoning. What I have been able to see is this: Equal protection under the law…except if you’re gay.

When same-sex marriage or civil unions become legal, society will not crumble nor will the world end (please see chart below). It’s not as if there are gangs of gay men and women going around sprinkling magical gay dust on heterosexuals to turn them gay. Once this magical dust works its magic, these gay-turned heterosexuals will all get married and start WWIII and the Gay Crusades. It’s an intricate plot, but I think gay people have better things to do with their time than a drive-by magical gay dust sprinkling.

In a stand-up routine, Wanda Sykes said, “If you don’t like same-sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex!” And I agree! It probably wouldn’t work out. Actually, I’m certain it wouldn’t.

Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s a simple rule that we all learned at a young age. I am convinced the world would be much more tolerant if everyone followed it. So go forth people, in a direction towards tolerance!

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As much as I wish I were clever enough to make this graph, I did not. Some awesome person named Aaron G. made it at I just simply copied and pasted the code he so kindly provides.


When Facebook Rocks the Cradle…


My friend tells me she has something to show me on facebook. Immediately, I’m excited, because I think it’s going to be fantastically awful engagement photos. We like to chuckle at the cheesy ones; sadly it’s sometimes the highlight of our day (grad school does that to ya!).


She pulls up the pics. There’s a family with a newborn baby. I’m looking at the pics and say “WHOA! What’s wrong with the baby?” Chromosomal abnormality? No, because that would make sense! What’s wrong you ask? It’s dead! It’s a dead effin baby! It’s a dead effin baby on fb! What, in the name of all things normal, would possess people to put clothes on a stillborn baby and take family photos? Your guess is as good as mine.


I realize some things are okay with a baby, that just doesn’t fly with adults…but this certainly isn’t one of them. Baby shitting in diaper? okay! Old person shitting in diaper? ew. Baby puke? No prob! 22 year old puke? DISGUSTING! Dead baby family photos? Weird, not okay, on any level…EVER! Dead grandparent family photos? would never cross anyone’s mind.  At some point, the default “awww, but it’s a baby” just doesn’t cut it.


Taking stillborn baby family photos is one  thing, which I have yet to figure out, but posting them on facebook for the world to see is a whole nother thing I’m still trying to figure out.

Who raised these people? Seriously.

Who Raised You?!?!

Hello and welcome! This is my very first post, on my very first blog. Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

1) Me:

26, female, PhD student (getting a PhD is kind of like being in prison minus the daily trips to the courtyard to see the sun). For sake of boredom, we can save the finer details for later.

2) The story:

I am convinced, by no fault of my own, that some people, myself included, have been raised or at least babysat by wolves. Wolves in human clothing perhaps. Seriously.  I often find myself saying, “who does that?” or “wow, that just happened”. People say and do funny/crazy things. We’ve all witnessed it, or we’ve all been the funny/crazy story, or maybe just a part of the story.

3) The Blog:

This blog will about my thoughts, my ideas, and my rants about funny/crazy things that I see or hear about.

4) You, the Viewer/Reader:

I am open for discussion.