Eye on the “Test-Tube Baby” Prize

image via cnn.com

Today, Dr. Robert Edwards won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on in-vitro fertilization (IVF).  Dr. Edwards along with colleague, Patrick Steptoe, successfully created human embryos outside the body. Genius! This technique birthed the term test-tube baby, which is a misleading term. The procedure takes place in a petri dish, not a test tube.  IVF was a major breakthrough for couples unable to conceive and has given many infertile couples a little bundle of joy. The NY Times featured an article on Dr. Edwards and IVF. Enjoy!

Congratulations Dr. Robert Edwards for giving the world IVF.


One response to “Eye on the “Test-Tube Baby” Prize

  1. I read about this earlier today – truly miraculous medical breakthrough! I thank God every day for this treatment – many of my friends would not have been able to have their babies had this treatment not been available! Thanks for stopping by earlier. It’s nice to meet you! -Heather

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