2GE+HER: The Best Fake Band Ever!

image via IMDb

On Wednesday, this post was Freshly Pressed.  I anticipated the ending of the story and thought of the perfect anthem for that post. It turns out, what I anticipated was wrong, because unlike my ending, she got her CD back . In my version of the story, the ex-boyfriend refused to give it back, making the theme song for her post this great classic (OK , so classic in this sense of the word classic is a very  loose interpretation):

This brings me to the real topic of my post. I am officially proclaiming 2GE+HER the BEST FAKE BAND EVER!

When I was a sophomore in high school, MTV released 2GE+HER, a made-for-tv movie that spoofed boy bands such as N’SYNC, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, etc. I will admit, this movie absolutely ROCKED my world! I thought it was THE funniest movie I had ever seen. I remember going to basketball practice and raving to my teammates about it. I watched it as many times as MTV replayed it. Judge me not, WordPress community.  I know I’m not the only one who enjoyed it , because I have an awesome friend that didn’t enter my life until 3 years ago and she loved it as much as I did. Because I’m such a good friend, I bought her the first 2GE+HER CD for her birthday 2 years ago. I’d be a terrible friend if that was the only thing I got her, but it wasn’t.  I diverge.

Let’s face the facts here people. The movie was quite possibly, indefinitely, without a doubt, hands down, maybe the best parody ever. I think I just made another proclamation,  albeit an unofficial one. As one who lived through the Boy Band era, I have to say this movie was spot on. They had all the stereotypical boy band characters filled: The heart-throb, the cute one, the shy one, the bad boy and the older one (this character doubled as the older brother). Now I ask you, think back to all the boy bands that you listened to and I guarantee there is a person to fill that role.

The movie and spin-off series was great.  The music was catchy and cheesy and I daresay good. Good as in, could it be played on your local top 40 station? I think so! Dancing? Check! Stereotypical boy band characters? You betcha! The stamp of my approval? Two stamps of my approval!! Thus, BEST FAKE BAND EVER!!!

You may disagree, but I will doubt you as a person if you do. Just kidding. Maybe. If you disagree with my proclamation: 2GE+HER is the BEST FAKE BAND EVER, than which fake band gets your stamp of approval? Inquiring minds would love to know 🙂

I’ll leave you with a music video to feast your eyes and ears upon.


2 responses to “2GE+HER: The Best Fake Band Ever!

  1. i totally remember this! thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. I have to admit that 2Ge+her did some of my absolute favorite boyband songs.

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