Changing the Blog Name?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog. What the new name will be is a mystery to me.The current name does not really capture the content of the blog. The blog started out as one thing, but has morphed into something different. This must be what Trent experienced with Mystik Spiral (yes, I loved Daria!).

I’m not sure if WordPress allows you to change the name of a blog, but I will find out…eventually. I’m not holding my breath on a name anytime soon. Daria was on for 5 seasons, and Trent and the gang never changed Mystik Spiral to anything else. I wold love to name the blog Mystik Spiral, but I’m sure there is some copyright infringement law I’d be violating.

For now, ‘Who Raised You’ stays.


2 responses to “Changing the Blog Name?

  1. You can change it easy. I think it’s under blog settings or something. You can’t change the web address, but you can change the name.

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