Who Raised You?!?!

Hello and welcome! This is my very first post, on my very first blog. Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

1) Me:

26, female, PhD student (getting a PhD is kind of like being in prison minus the daily trips to the courtyard to see the sun). For sake of boredom, we can save the finer details for later.

2) The story:

I am convinced, by no fault of my own, that some people, myself included, have been raised or at least babysat by wolves. Wolves in human clothing perhaps. Seriously.  I often find myself saying, “who does that?” or “wow, that just happened”. People say and do funny/crazy things. We’ve all witnessed it, or we’ve all been the funny/crazy story, or maybe just a part of the story.

3) The Blog:

This blog will about my thoughts, my ideas, and my rants about funny/crazy things that I see or hear about.

4) You, the Viewer/Reader:

I am open for discussion.


3 responses to “Who Raised You?!?!

  1. I’m always so afraid to say what I really think about a lot of things (publicly, anyway) because I’m certain I’ll offend someone! 🙂

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere. :>

    Thanks for the insightful comments on my anti-vax loon thread. I’m not a specialist so it takes a bit of time to answer other commenters accurately.

    Your input is appreciated. I look forward to seeing how your site develops.

    Good luck.

  3. You need feedback? Hmm… Uhh, uh, okay… I like the color coordination of this blog, perhaps? Ha-ha! 😉

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